Parent-to-Parent Support Program


“When someone becomes a parent, everything changes.”


Guiding Parents understands the birth of a child brings both joy and challenges. There are days you struggle with the challenge of being a new parent. And there are days you struggle relating to your child. 


We want our fathers, mothers and legal guardians to fully embrace parenting without holding back, and we realize our support may be needed.


We offer a Parent-to-Parent Support Program through a group of caring, trained volunteers who are parents themselves. Volunteers listen, provide support and assist families in finding information and resources they need. The connections between parents are one-to-one, and the matches are made carefully so the support is personalized. The support that parents receive from volunteers is different but complimentary to the support they receive from friends, family and other organizations.


People are comforted and put at ease when they can connect with someone else who understands their situation. 


Note: We are not counselors or therapists. We are parents who are here to help fellow parents. The information received from volunteers should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. Also, information shared by clients will be treated as confidential, except in rare circumstances when prohibited by law.


Parents Supporting Parents

Talks, Lectures and Discussions


"You'll always learn something new at these events." 


Guiding Parents offers informative and fun lectures throughout the year. The lectures are given by speakers on topics relevant to parenting, child development and well-being.


The lecture series is also a wonderful way to meet new friends and connect with old ones. Plus, you'll learn from the experiences of the presenters, who draw from an array of research and published works.

Referrals and Resources


"I'd rather get a referral from someone I trust."


Guiding Parents helps parents find and evaluate options offered by various organizations, services and resources throughout New York City.


Based on specific needs, we can refer parents to the appropriate: Parenting class, Maternal Mental Health Care center, Pregnancy Support Center, Parenting Group, Nursery/Day Care, ESL Program, Housing Program, Job Preparation/Placement Center, Cultural Center and more.

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