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Local Non-profit Brings One-on-One Support to NYC Parents


NEW YORK, NY – There are thousands of new mothers and fathers in New York City that are in need of free, easy to access emotional and social support.


Michelle Francis, founder of Guiding Parents in New York City, has met a number of parents who do not have the support structure in place to maintain a healthy well-being.


“The number of issues facing new parents in this city is astounding,” she said.


Emotional and social support can make a difference in the lives of parents who:

  • Are overwhelmed and facing unexpected challenges of parenting 

  • Have little or no support from their community, family and friends

  • Are unable to cope with the additional responsibilities of parenthood

  • Are experiencing loneliness, isolation, insecurity, stress and fear as a new parent


To combat these issues and better serve clients, Guiding Parents has begun to offer free, convenient one-on-one parenting support.


“It’s about reducing isolation and fostering hope and confidence during a period of uncertainty in new parents’ lives,” Ms. Francis said.


At Guiding Parents, connections between parents are one-to-one and matches are made carefully so the support is personalized. Guiding Parents facilitates the match and follow-up process to ensure the relationship is comfortable and productive.


Parents have the need to connect with others who have experienced similar parenting challenges - someone who could provide a road map and directions for navigating through certain experiences - a Personal Guide. Comparing situations allows parents to confirm normal emotional reactions to their own situation and allows them to feel optimistic about the future.


“Emotional and social support tends to lead to parenting satisfaction and a sense of parenting competence”, Ms. Francis said.


Parents seeking support are matched with reliable, trained volunteer Support Parents who listen, understand them and provide problem-solving support such as:

  • Information about community resources (i.e.: childcare, housing, job training, etc.) and referrals to other organizations and agencies

  • Tips on improving well-being and work/life/family balance 

  • Practical parenting advice and solutions to common parenting issues


A volunteer Support Parent with older children is like a window into the future and helps new parents anticipate upcoming events and be optimistic about them.


“Volunteers are the backbone of the Parent Support program. Caring, attentive and dependable volunteers are always welcome to Guiding Parents”, Ms. Francis said.


And to help offset the Support Program costs, Guiding Parents receives donations from individual contributors to provide financial support for this service.


“Donations allow us to provide support free of charge to parents of babies and toddlers in the 5 boroughs of New York City”, she said. 


To celebrate the launch of the charity and Support Program, Guiding Parents is hosting a Kickoff Event and Information Session for NYC parents and prospective volunteers on Monday, January 12, 2015 from 5:30pm-7:30pm in Midtown Manhattan. Guiding Parents board members will be on hand to provide information about support services and available volunteer and board opportunities. RSVP for the Kickoff event at


Guiding Parents, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering mothers, fathers and legal guardians of babies and toddlers in New York City. They address the unexpected challenges of parenting by offering emotional and social one-on-one support and a lecture series. For more information about Guiding Parents, visit





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Source: Guiding Parents, Inc.

Contact: Michelle Francis,

Published: December 30, 2014

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