What is Guiding Parents?

March 28, 2014

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All too often I meet new parents who don’t know anyone else in the city, feel lonely and overwhelmed as new parents, and just wish they had another parent to speak to  in-person or over the phone. Two months ago Guiding Parents, Inc. was founded to serve new parents of babies and toddlers in the NYC area. The organization will open to the community in January 2015 and serve parents in the following ways:


1.  Provide free, confidential emotional and social support through the GP Parent Support Program. Our goal is to address the unexpected challenges of parenting


2.  Sponsor a free, informative and fun GP Lecture series with expert speakers such as notable authors, doctors, etc. Topics range from parenting and child development to relationships, budgeting and traveling as a family. Open to the community


3.  Distribute a quarterly GP Newsletter to subscribers


4.  Continue to be active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook


We foresee Guiding Parents meeting the needs of many moms and dads in the city and would like you to be a part of this effort. Spread the word, volunteer, attend events and/or donate. Help Guiding Parents make a difference in the community!


Thank you so much for your time, support and investment in the future of Guiding Parents, Inc. 


P.S. Follow our progress on Twitter and Facebook. Contact us if you would like to attend future events or volunteer. Visit us at http://www.guidingparents.org/ starting September 2014. We thank all of our donors and volunteers.