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Event Recap: Read! Succeed! Panel Discussion

September 30, 2015

On Tuesday, September 29th, Guiding Parents hosted a lively panel discussion with the following experts of early childhood reading:



Michelle Francis, founder of Guiding Parents, moderated the discussion.


The topic that generated the most debate was the idea that early childhood reading itself leads to success later in life. One panelist wholeheartedly supported the notion that early childhood learning, not reading per se, prepares a child to excel scholastically. Other ideas discussed at the event included:


  • Actions parents can take to foster early childhood literacy in children

  • How to read a book to a child in a way that effectively supports their comprehension of the story

  • How to ensure young children are ready to read without infringing on their playtime

  • What parents can do if they’re reading to their child and their child is not enjoying it

  • The long-term benefits (education and career) of learning to read early

  • Issues and challenges facing New York communities, particularly Staten Island, that are thwarting attempts to improve early childhood literacy


The audience joined the discussion by asking literacy-related questions. The event concluded with a prize give away of 3 tickets to the Staten Island Children’s Museum, which one mom and daughter had the pleasure of winning.


There were lots of other gifts the audience took home. Guiding Parents sends a huge THANK YOU to our generous donors:


  • The St. George Library Center for hosting the event and providing refreshments

  • Scholastic, Inc. for donating children’s books to the audience

  • The NYC Department of Education for donating children’s books to the audience

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